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5 Commonly Asked Questions About IVF

In today’s episode of The Fertility Show, I’m answering the top five questions we get asked about IVF. As always, you’ll find your cheat sheet below.

  1. Is IVF an Emotional Rollercoaster?

Certainly it can be (although not always), but if you are prepared from the outset, you can help manage your emotions. Some women feel tired and emotionally fragile during treatment so building in time for yourself, to sleep well and nourish yourself you can enhance your energy. Mindfulness, hypnotherapy and meditation apps can also help with worry.

2. Are IVF injections painful?

Some are more painful than others, but during treatment, we show all women how to use and administer drugs correctly. There is also always someone to ask and offer you support and extra guidance.

3. Can you exercise during IVF?

We recommend gentle exercise when going through IVF – if you’re doing lots of exercise it will be diverting the blood away from the pelvic area.

4. Can eggs be improved before the IVF process?

Yes. The environment in which eggs grow in is affected by lifestyle, so improving your diet, cutting out alcohol, taking a multivitamin and mineral that contain folate and Omega 3 taking and eating well can all help improve egg quality.

5. How long does an IVF cycle last?

Generally, the same length of time that a woman’s natural cycle lasts, is two quite intensive weeks and then the dreaded ‘two week wait’ in which you are waiting to find out of if you are pregnant or not. It’s really important to try to manage your time through a cycle to be sure you’re not in a hurry at the same time as going for tests and scans, and have space to manage the two week wait.  

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