5 Reasons Why The Zita West Fertility Clinic Different From Other Fertility Clinics

The Zita West Fertility Clinic is the largest holistic clinic in the UK, and our approach is to look at the whole of your situation holistically, not just the medical side. We believe in developing personalised and tailored plans of action for you because we know that everyone is different.

This week we are talking directly to our staff who are there to support our patients through their whole IVF journey. We asked them what they thought made The Zita West Clinic different and here’s what they had to say…

5 reasons why The Zita West Fertility Clinic is different to other fertility clinics – from our amazing staff:

“I think the main thing the Zita West Clinic does differently is our holistic approach. Our patients really feel supported here and that translates into better results.”   

Dr Simone Rofena, Senior Medical Consultant at The Zita West Clinic.


“What’s different about the Zita West Clinic is that I am able to give a lot of time to the patients and we are their to support our patients from the first time they enter our clinic to the moment they can proudly share pictures of their new-born babies.”  

Ciara Regan, Fertility Midwife at The Zita West Clinic.


“What makes us different is that we see people holistically, we don’t just see them for their reproductive system, I think we see them as complete people and that makes all the difference.

Sarah O’Callaghan, Fertility Midwife at The Zita West Clinic.


“What makes us different? I would say two things… our amazing success rates and really good personal care. You will be well looked after in the Zita West Clinic, that is one thing we can guarantee.”

Anita O’Neill, Group Practice Manager & Midwife Fertility Specialist  at The Zita West Clinic.


“Our attention to detail is really key in the success of our patients, as well as, making sure all our patients have a good plan of action before they start their journey with us. We come up with a holistic plan that looks at their nutrition, lifestyle and psychological/emotional aspects, all of which can impact on IVF success.”  

Zita West, Founder of The Zita West Clinic.


And finally, Dr George Nduwke…… having him here!


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