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5 steps to creating your own holistic fertility plan

Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that I’m a huge advocate of holistic approaches to fertility. A holistic approach essentially refers to making little changes to various aspects of your life, and remembering that fertility is whole body event rather than something that just happens in the ovaries or in the fallopian tubes. Every woman and every couple has weaknesses in different areas, but I like to focus on 5 in particular.

This week on The Fertility Show, I’m talking about what little changes you can make in those 5 areas to create a holistic fertility plan that you can do from home:

And as always, here’s the cheat sheet:

The medical side

Before you start trying to get pregnant, make sure everything is in order medically. Get checked out to make sure that you are rubella immune, you’ve had an up-to-date smear and that you’ve had a sexual health check.

Nutrition, not diet!

Women know everything about diet and staying in shape, but very little about nutrition, especially when it comes to fertility. Nutrition is ultimately the foundation for a healthy pregnancy. When you are pregnant, the baby doesn’t rely on what you eat in any one day, it will rely on your valuable stores of nutrients. So looking at what you’re eating and when you’re eating is vital. You need regular meals filled with lots of protein for healthy eggs and sperm, essential fatty acids for cell membranes and hormone regulation, and micronutrients.

Manage your stress levels

When you’re trying for a baby, and it’s not happening as quickly as you’d like it to happen, it can understandably become stressful. But the great thing about stress is that the body is always trying to get the balance back. So if you are feeling stressed, there are a few key things you can do to relieve yourself: sleeping, to help you build up your reserves, exercising, and looking at ways that you can reduce stress in the body through certain techniques. Adding 20 minutes of mindfulness, meditation, acupuncture or deep breathing into your daily routine can really make all the difference.  

Look at your work-life balance

Stress is linked to your work-life balance, and many couples I see are working hard, working long hours, and are essentially running on nothing. As I said, all the body systems are linked, so if you are highly stressed, you are depleting the body of nutrients that are needed for fertility. Try and find new ways for dealing with your stress as a couple and getting some time back for you and your partner.

Are you still having fun in your relationship?

When you’ve been trying for a long time, you’re restricting yourself with your diet and you’re not doing anything you used to do, your relationship starts to suffer. Trying for a baby is challenging, and it’s very easy for a couple to allow sex become mechanical due to the pressure to conceive. I’m also often amazed at how infrequently couples have sex. You really need to be having sex at least 3 times a week to increase your chances of pregnancy. So it’s so important to enjoy yourself, support each other, and have fun in your sex life!

What small changes have you made to your life to make a difference? We want to hear from you….

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