5 Things To Consider When Dealing with Secondary Infertility

One of the things I’m often asked about is secondary infertility. This is when a woman who’s previously had a baby is struggling to get pregnant again.

And it’s far from uncommon. Every day we see women who have fallen pregnant the first time without even thinking about it and quite often in a short space of time, and then they struggle the second time around and are naturally very shocked that conception is not happening.

Take a look at the five key areas that I look at when a woman’s struggling to conceive the second time around.

As always, here’s your cheat sheet summarising my best advice.

  1. Age:  Age is a really important factor. Many women that are getting pregnant later in life are very keen to try for a second baby quite quickly. Age and how long you’ve been trying are key to understanding your fertility status the second time around.
  2. Sex: You absolutely have to have more sex to get pregnant a second time, usually at least three times a week. Many women I see just aren’t having enough sex because they are exhausted and often trying to juggle looking after a toddler with work, and they just don’t have the energy for sex.
  3. Nutrition and diet: Many mums, especially if they’re working, aren’t getting the proper nutrition. They get home from work, they have a baby to bathe and put to bed, and they don’t nourish themselves enough. Looking at diet and nutrition is really important as this can impact egg quality.
  4. Supplements: I’m a huge believer in supplements. Alongside a healthy diet, multi-vitamins and minerals, like Omega 3 and Folate, provide key nutrients to your body in preparation for getting pregnant.  
  5. Exhaustion: If you’re a working mum, you are exhausted by the time the weekend comes, so catching up on your sleep and having a bit of time to yourself is vital.

Happily, many women who are struggling the second time round do go on and get pregnant naturally but for those of you that are older, it’s about working within a timeframe, and most importantly, setting yourself a limit to when you will seek help and more assistance.

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