5 Tips To Prepare Holistically For IVF

In life we prepare for everything, job interviews, weddings, marathons and everything else, but more often than not I see people who want to have a baby heading straight into IVF without any preparation at all.

At the Zita West Clinic, we really believe that preparation does pay and it is necessary to get through the IVF process efficiently. What we are really well known for at our clinic and what we excel in, is our holistic approach to IVF. The couples that come to use want to know about the medical side of IVF which is absolutely key, but the also want to know about the holistic side too and how what they can do to improve their chances of IVF success.

This week on The Fertility Show, I’m sharing my 5 tips you need to consider when preparing holistically for IVF.

And as always, here’s the cheat sheet:

Tip 1: Better Nutrition

Most women know everything about diets and know very little about nutrition. During our nutrition and lifestyle consultations at the clinic we really want to make sure that you are getting a good balance of nutrients plus the right supplements to aid your pregnancy and keep your body healthy and happy.

Tip 2: Clear Mindset

We all know that IVF is stressful for both women and men. What we want to ensure is that you are able to manage your mind and your emotions before you start IVF. We use techniques that will help you such as acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and counselling. Trust us, we know IVF stressful, but with the right help and support we believe you can get through anything.

Tip 3: Figure Out a Work-life balance

Many of the women and couples that we see at the clinic are totally and utterly exhausted and running on empty and one of the question I always ask them is… What else is going on in your life? The answers are usually moving house, doing an extension or simply working long hours – which means their mind is preoccupied with IVF treatment and so many other things.  We advice our patients to sit down and work out what else is going on in their life, when these big projects are finished, that is the time to think about something as big as IVF – give yourself a bit of a breather and time to really, really prepare for IVF.

Tip 4: Try Acupuncture

We use acupuncture a lot at the clinic to help support women when they’re going through IVF in the lead up, during stimulation, and before and after egg transfer. There are numerous studies to show that acupuncture can be beneficial at this time for better endorphin release for stress reduction, for blood flow to the pelvic area.

Tip 5: Get Support

We all face challenges in our relationships, no matter how strong they are. If you are going through IVF, look for support from your partner, from a work colleague, from family, friends, or even forums. A lot of women support each other in forums, however if you are really struggling with your emotions, do consider counselling –  it really does help on so many levels.

What are you doing to support yourself through an IVF? We want to hear your thoughts…

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