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5 Ways We Optimise Your Cycle For IVF Success

I’m asked every day how we optimise IVF cycles at the Zita West Clinic to ensure the best success rates.

So in this week’s The Fertility Show,  I’m discussing the 5 ways we optimise your cycle for IVF success.

And as usual, here is your cheat sheet summed up in 5 bite sized points!

  1. Preparation: Preparation on every level, mentally, physically, and emotionally is key to IVF success. At the Zita West clinic we look at your diet, nutrition, lifestyle, work/life balance, stresses, and emotional wellbeing.
  2. Optimising egg and sperm quality: We really believe that there’s a lot that you can do to improve the quality of your eggs and sperm. We think one major key to success to nurture the environment in which these embryos will will grow in order to help get mature, healthy eggs and sperm.
  3. Individualising your cycle: You can never compare like for like with any couple or woman that comes through the door. Each IVF plan needs to be tailor-made for you because everybody is unique and different. One person might have low egg reserve, another might be younger, somebody else might be older, there may be male factor issues going on, as well. The drugs that are used, the protocol that you’ll put on, the way you’re monitored, the egg collection transfer, the lab work, are all very key to IVF success.
  4. Micromanaging your cycle: Micromanaging is part of our individualised approach. It’s not a one-fits-all policy at our clinic. It’s really important to monitor each patient frequently, which we do. Through micromanaging your cycle, we’re able to find out how you’re progressing, what needs to be done. Do you need extra blood tests? Do you need extra scans? We’re able to see issues or problems before they arise and we can correct them along the way.
  5. Intensive care: Lastly we give all our patients intensive care. A lot of hand-holding goes into having IVF at Zita West Clinic. The nursing staff and the rest of the team are there for you throughout your cycle and you’ve got access to them by email or phone.  

All of these form part of what we call our ‘holistic care approach’. If we concentrate on the medical side of your cycle, your diet, nutrition, lifestyle, optimising egg and sperm quality and micromanaging your cycle, we really believe you will have a better chance of IVF success.

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