6 Common Questions About PCOS Answered

Here at the Zita West Clinic, up to 15 per cent of the women we see have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a problem in which hormones are out of balance, and women often have cysts on their ovaries.

This is upsetting news for the patients involved, and many women worry they will never be able to conceive because of it.

This week on The Fertility Show, we asked our IVF doctor Simone Rofena, who specialises in PCOS to answer the most commonly asked questions on the condition.

And as usual, here is your cheat sheet giving you all the answers to hand.

  1.    Will I ever be able to get pregnant?

My answer to this question is generally yes, because PCOS is a treatable condition.

  1.    Do I need to have IVF?

In most of the cases, the answer is no, especially if PCOS is your only condition. Of course, a full assessment of the couple is needed, but most patients are able to conceive naturally after a diagnosis of polycystic ovaries.

  1.    How does having PCOS impact my fertility?

The problem is that PCOS, particularly when is very severe, affects natural ovulation. PCOS can also affect how regular cycles are, meaning there may be fewer cycles in a year and it is harder for a woman to detect her fertile phase.

  1.    How do I treat PCOS?

A very simple and effective treatment, when it comes to establishing a normal cycle in at least 50% of the cases, has been proven to be Inositol. When Inositol fails, we most likely turn to drugs such as Clomid.  

  1.     Will having PCOS affect the outcome of my IVF?

Normally we have the same good results with PCOS patients that we have with all patients. The only additional risk for PCOS patients is an increased risk of  hyperstimulation as a result of the IVF process. In this particular group of patients, we usually start with smaller dosages of stimulation and we carefully monitor these patient throughout the whole cycle. By doing this, we normally achieve a very, very good control on the hyperstimulation with very good results in terms of pregnancy rate.

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