Fertility Information Events at The Zita West Fertility Clinic

At The Zita West Fertility Clinic, we specialise in ensuring every one of our patients feels completely in control of their fertility through our comprehensive plans and highly personalised treatment. We believe that exceptional patient care begins from your very first contact with us, such as through our regular free fertility information events, which you can look through below.

We are currently unable to hold in-clinic events due to COVID-19, however we are delighted to invite you to join us for our online information events, such as those below, and we are always happy to discuss our services, our team and the unique Zita West patient experience in detail over the phone. To find out more about how we can help you, please call 0808 196 4060, or get in touch with our team.

Live Instagram Q&As

Our specialist fertility doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, nutritionists, hypnotherapists and counsellors regularly hold live IVF and fertility information event Q&As to help answer your questions and provide the information you need to plan you fertility future. Join us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with our upcoming events and to ask our experts your questions live.

Charles and Zita with CARE

In this Instagram Live series, Zita joins one of the most experienced fertility consultants in the country, Professor Charles Kingsland, Group Clinical Director of CARE Fertility, to discuss your questions about fertility treatment. You can watch some of Charles and Zita’s recent Q&As below, and join the Zita West Clinic or CARE Fertility on Instagram for updates about our upcoming live events.

Getting fit for fertility

Professor Charles Kingsland and Zita West untangle the myths about getting fit for fertility, giving their advice on exercise, nutrition, diet, supplements, anxiety, stress, mindset and more, to help to give you your best chance of success, whether you have already started fertility treatment or are thinking about starting a family in the future.

Does Endometriosis impact fertility?

Professor Charles Kingsland and Zita West answer your important questions about Endometriosis, including how diet can relieve symptoms and pain, how to get diagnosed, how it can impact chances of success, and when you should receive treatment before trying to conceive.

Online Open Evenings at The Zita West Fertility Clinic

We know that when you are exploring your fertility, you are likely to have questions, and you will want to be sure that you are making the right choice. To help you understand your fertility options, we would love to invite you to one of our free online Open Evenings, where our doctors will be happy to answer all your questions about fertility treatments, IVF, natural fertility, and complementary fertility therapies.

At the Zita West Fertility Clinic, we take a uniquely comprehensive approach to fertility that combines:

  • An individualised treatment plan appropriate to your circumstances
  • A personalised focus on pre-preparation in the lead up to IVF and other fertility treatments
  • Specialist support from the moment of your initial enquiry
  • An assessment of your nutrition, lifestyle, and psychological and emotional factors, all of which can impact your fertility and chances of a successful IVF cycle

Our Open Evenings are a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the truly individualised, premium service that you will receive with The Zita West Clinic team, and to find out more about our uniquely holistic approach that comprehensively prepares you for IVF success on every level.

Register your place at our next free online Open Evening here.

What to expect from Open Evenings at The Zita West Fertility Clinic

During our Open Evenings, our doctors will explain how to prepare every aspect of your health and well-being to optimise your chances of IVF success, including:

  • What to expect from an IVF cycle
  • Our unique approach to IVF
  • How lifestyle, nutrition and psychological factors can impact on success
  • How to manage your mind-set for IVF success
  • Why IVF fails and what can be done
  • Simple steps you can take to increase your chances of successful IVF

“When a patient comes to see our team, they are looking for answers to their questions and welcome our holistic approach, which they are unlikely to have come across previously. They want a plan of action and to feel more in control and, through our assessment of their lifestyle, diet, nutrition and mind-set, we develop a plan that gives them back that feeling as well as ensuring they have their best chance of succeeding.”  Zita West