After 7 Previous IVF Attempts Woman Gives Birth With New Procedure At London Clinic

Teresa Greenhalgh shares her story:

After 7 previous rounds of IVF “It was only when she was 43 that she decided to have another try, after discovering a new treatment was available at the Zita West Fertility Clinic…

‘I wanted to be able to tell myself I had tried everything I could,’ she explained. ‘I didn’t want to live with regrets and thoughts of, “if only I’d tried one more time”.’

New testing technology at the clinic revealed a problem with Teresa’s immune system that meant her body was rejecting the embryos as foreign bodies…….”

Under the care of Dr George Ndukwe and through our holistic approach to IVF which included Teresa making some nutritional and lifestyle changes as well as a course of acupuncture, she finally gave birth to their beautiful daughter, Adelaide.

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