Quiz! Are your cycles affecting your fertility?

This week on The Fertility Show, we’re going to do something different: we’re going to do a quiz.

I’m often talking about how not all women’s cycles are the same, and some might find it hard to pinpoint their fertile window – the days within the cycle in which pregnancy is highly expected or possible.

Cycles vary from month-to-month, but what this quiz is trying to do is pinpoint some of these areas that you may have problems with when it comes to trying for a baby.

So grab a notebook and pencil, watch the video below and I’ll help you unravel whether your monthly cycles is something that might be affecting your fertility – and when you need to seek help.

And here’s the quiz in written format too

  1. Are your periods more than 35 days apart, or irregular and unpredictable?
  2. Do you find that the length of your menstrual cycle varies when you’re under stress?
  3. Are your periods very close together?
  4. Have your periods ever seized for several months?
  5. Do you suffer from unusual heavy periods?
  6. Do you have any mid-cycle spotting or bleeding?
  7. Do you suffer from painful periods?
  8. Do you regularly take pain killers for period pains?
  9. If you’re over 35, has your menstrual cycle become shorter?
  10. Did your mother have an early menopause?
  11. Are you over weight or under weight?.

Okay. Now, add up the number of yeses you’ve got.

If you scored 0 to 3: It maybe that you’re experiencing a few problems with your cycle, but it’s unlikely to be something that will impact your fertility.

If you’ve scored 4 to 6: I’d advise seeing your GP to be sure that look more closely at your cycles. It could be that there are issues that are affecting your chances of conceiving.

If you’ve scored 7 to 11: The chances are that you really will need to seek help, and have proper investigations into your cycles. Do go and see your GP.