Can a Mediterranean diet help increase IVF success?

Today on The Fertility Show, I am talking about the Mediterranean Diet. There has been lots of interest in the press in this way of eating and crucially how it can maximise your fertility.

We see so many women who are exhausted through lack of sleep and being on the go the whole time. Stress depletes the body of vital nutrients that are needed for fertility.

But looking to the diet of our Mediterranean neighbours will pay dividends.

So what is the Mediterranean Diet?

This way of eating includes a broad range of fresh fruit and vegetables that include oils, good fats, slow-releasing carbohydrates and protein. When you are preparing for IVF, the food you eat helps lay down the foundations. Protein is needed for instance to produce eggs.

Watch the video to find out more – and as always, you’ll find your cheatsheet below.

How does a Mediterranean diet boost fertility

  • A Mediterranean diet can help with gut health.

Being able to absorb nutrients is really key in order to build healthy eggs, sperm and hormones.

  • A Mediterranean diet supports blood sugar.

Many women are ruled by their moods, food, hormones and crave sweets throughout the day. By managing your blood sugar through a good diet you are going to balance moods and cravings, and optimise egg health as well.

  • A Mediterranean is rich in antioxidants

Your diet should be rich in antioxidants from fruit and vegetables in order to protect cells from free radical damage. These can be damaging to eggs and sperm at a high level.

  • A Mediterranean is contains good fats.

Good fats from fish oils help with boost cell membranes and prevent against inflammation in the body.

There are lots of recipes that are based on the Mediterranean diet in my book The IVF Diet book.


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