Can detoxing help you conceive?

I don’t like the word detox, but what is true is that our bodies are exposed to all kinds of toxic things. Everything from the chemicals in the foods we eat and the products we use to pollutants from cigarette smoke and car exhausts adds to the toxic load that our body takes in. Generally, this isn’t a problem! If the body is well rested, well exercised and well functioning, these pollutants are counterbalanced and dealt with quite efficiently. But sometimes, they aren’t well dealt with, and can build up within us to cause anything from a minor allergy to a full-blown illness.

‘Detox’ is a word that people are still unclear about and like I said, I wish it was called something different. It’s associated with juice fasts and crazy dieting, and so it’s hard to tell whether it really is something that is beneficial or harmful for your body. There’s no need to be extreme about it, but I do believe that regular detoxing at least once or twice a year is key to maintaining good health. And as detoxes re-establish the hormonal balance, it is all the more important for both partners to do when trying to conceive.

So how does it help?

It essentially helps all the body systems work more effectively. This means that digestion is improved and, as all production of hormones starts with the digestive system, hormonal balance improves too. The lymph system, sleep, exercise, meditation and breathing all have an effect on our fertility and really can’t be separated!

How does it work?

For the body to eliminate the waste products of metabolism efficiently, the excretory organs have to be working well. These organs are the liver, the skin, the lungs, the kidneys and the intestines. The detoxification process helps draw toxins back from the cells of the body into the blood and to the organs of detoxification for excretion.

And what does it involve?

At the clinic, we recognise that our clients have busy lives, and so the detox programme that we have created does not tend to cause drastic side-effects. You will eat three small, healthy meals as well as snacks and even puddings! We have included fish, chicken, eggs and yoghurt, as when you’re preparing for pregnancy you have more needs for protein, iron, zinc and vitamin B12. It does involve cutting out some things, but we know that an effective detox should be approached gradually. Start with cutting out coffee on week, alcohol the next week and so on, so that you don’t send your body into complete shock.

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