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Natural Fertility Consultations with Zita West at CARE Birmingham

Natural Fertility consultations with Zita are particularly useful for couples who are trying naturally and who are finding it difficult to get pregnant. Especially if you feel you’ve lost direction, don’t have a plan of action or may be in need of further investigation or advice.

Zita will look at a whole range of factors that might be affecting your fertility across every aspect of you and your partner’s life from the medical basics and tests that can be done, through to diet and nutrition and mind/body emotional and psychological factors. In our experience, all of these elements can impact on your chances and how quickly things might happen.

Zita’s uniquely holistic approach ticks all the boxes and aims to give you an informed and proactive plan of action within a sensible timeframe.

Couples are sent a detailed questionnaire on their fertility history to complete and return before the consultation.

Sessions cost £145 (for 45 minutes) and can be booked with the CARE Birmingham team on 0121.455.9334. Live video consultations with Zita are available too. 

Holistic Review for IVF Success with Zita West at CARE Birmingham

Lots of couples who are preparing for IVF choose to have an all-round holistic Review with Zita on how to improve their chances of IVF success prior to the start of their treatment. Zita will look at all aspects of you and your partner’s physical, mental and emotional health as well as your medical and fertility history to date to help you plot the best way forward. Zita is available for personal consultations at CARE Fertility Birmingham once a month. You can also book in for a video consultation with her at other times too.

Sessions cost £145 (for 45 minutes) and can be booked with the CARE Birmingham team on 0121.455.9334. Live video consultations with Zita are available too. 

IVF Open Evening at the Zita West Clinic

IVF Open Evenings

If you’re thinking about IVF, or about to embark on IVF, then we’d love to invite you to one of the regular free online open evenings.

To find out more and register your place, sign up here.

Our results speak for themselves. Many of our clients come to us having had failed IVF cycles elsewhere and we are specialists in why IVF fails.

At the Zita West Clinic, we take a uniquely comprehensive approach to IVF that combines:

  • An individualised personalised plan appropriate to your circumstances
  • Preparation in the lead up to IVF
  • Support going through IVF
  • An assessment of your nutrition, lifestyle, and psychological/emotional aspects, all of which can impact on your chances of a successful IVF cycle.

During the Open Evening

We will talk you through what you can do to prepare for IVF success on EVERY level, not just the medical level, and how a plan of action covering every aspect of your health and well-being can help to optimise your chances of conception and pregnancy, including:

  • What to expect from an IVF cycle
  • Our unique approach to IVF
  • How lifestyle, nutrition and psychological factors can impact on success
  • How to manage your mind-set for IVF success
  • Why IVF fails and what can be done
  • Simple steps you can take to increase your chances of successful IVF

“When a couple or a woman comes to see me they are looking for answer to their questions and welcome our holistic approach that they are unlikely to have come across previously. They want a plan of action and to feel more in control and, through our assessment of their lifestyle, diet, nutrition and mind-set, we develop a plan that gives them back that feeling as well as ensuring they give themselves the best chance of succeeding.”  Zita West