George Ndukwe in consultation

George Ndukwe – on IVF success, the future and pictures on his wall !

Our Clinic is fortunate to have world renowned Dr George Ndukwe as it’s Medical Director. He is one of the most experienced fertility experts in Europe and is a world leader in the investigation and treatment of recurrent IVF failure. Here, we find out a little more about the man and his passion for helping couples realise their dream of having a baby. Read more

Egg Freezing

My Simple Guide to Egg Freezing
– Going Behind the Headlines

There was plenty of debate in the media recently when it emerged that tech giants such as Apple and Egg are offering egg freezing as a ‘benefit’ for their female employees, and we’re seeing increasing numbers of women asking us here about the options.

I’m on the front line of fertility and the questions I’m asked here are not been motivated by the wish to delay fertility, but instead by a desire to feel that there will still be more options open further down the line.  Read more

The two week wait

How to handle the two week wait

The dreaded two week wait, the daunting two week wait…whatever off-putting adjective is used, the time following an IVF treatment is an extremely difficult period for women as they try to figure out whether they could possibly be pregnant.

As an experiment I asked women who were going through an IVF treatment to write down their feelings during the two week wait. I was amazed at what I read. Their initial feelings of optimism and excitement were quickly overtaken by anxiety and negativity by day 6 or 7, with many women finding it difficult to sleep, worrying about whether or not the IVF had worked, and becoming aware of every ache and pain, trying to work out whether these were associated with pregnancy. Read more