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Here at the Zita West Fertility Clinic, we often talk to clients about how your emotional and mental well-being can affect your physical well-being; how achieving a strong mind-body connection can have a positive influence on your chances at conception.

Think about all the things stress can take a toll on. It can disrupt your sleep, it can stop a period, and it absolutely can affect your fertility. Stress, worry and anxiety are some of the biggest obstacles in a couple’s journey towards conception and pregnancy. The very nature of wanting something so much and not being able to achieve it right away can cause all sorts of problems psychologically.

We recommend hypnotherapy

Today, we’d like to introduce you to our Fertility Garden! It’s just one of the hypnotherapy techniques used by our wonderful hypnotherapist Maureen Kiely. Time and time again, Maureen has seen her visualisations help patients bring their minds to a more productive place for conception.

The ‘fertility garden’ exercise is a personal favourite of ours. Maureen asks her patients to visualise their own fertility gardens and create a place where they can plant seeds, nourish and nurture them. The body tends to react to this, and becomes a more nourishing place in itself. It’s amazing what the mind can do.

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