Zita West in consultation

Zita West – on fertility, IVF and advice for couples trying for a baby

We take some time out of Zita’s busy day consulting with clients to ask a few questions about her and her passion for helping couples conceive. Read more

Getting your body baby ready

Lifestyle and fertility – 6 lifestyle factors that could affect your fertility

Planning to get pregnant can take more than just planning to have sex more often. To really get you and your partner’s body baby ready, you need to look at your lifestyle.

Yes, both you and your partner are equally important here. An equal number of fertility issues stem from male lifestyle factors as from female lifestyle factors so all the points below apply to both of you. Read more

Rubella Virus

Are you immune to rubella?

It is really important to check your rubella status before getting pregnant. Many women that we see at the clinic don’t know whether they are immune or not, so if in doubt ask your GP and get a check. Read more


Progesterone tests

So many women we see don’t do a progesterone test on the right day and wonder why it comes back low. This leads them to think that they are not ovulating, but the timing of the test is really important. The main test to check whether a woman is ovulating is by a blood test to check the level of the hormone progesterone which increases following ovulation. Read more

Understanding your fertility potential

Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have and many women look to do fertility tests to predict their future fertility potential. This can be really useful but it is so important to understand that there is always a result and if the result is not what you are expecting it can leave you in a real panic about what you need to do.  Therefore before you test think through what your options may be if you get a low result. Read more