Do I need to rest after an embryo transfer?

The IVF process is not a quick or simple one, and so after the embryo transfer has finally happened, it’s natural to worry about ruining it. A lot of the time, women feel anxious about getting up and moving around in case the embryo ‘falls out’. The natural instinct is to want to rest a while after the procedure, and this is completely fine! The most important thing to do is to listen to your body and do what it dictates.

Researches have looked at this whole issue time and time again. One study compared two groups of women, where the first rested for 30 minutes after the transfer whilst the second got up and moved around immediately. They found no significant difference in pregnancy rates between the two groups. Another study showed that more prolonged bed rest (24 hours) did not significantly affect the pregnancy rate.

Study or not, I think a women has gone through so much by the time she has completed a round of IVF it won’t do any harm to put your feet up and take it easy on the day of transfer often it is what she feels she would like to do .Although, obviously if you have to go back to work then that’s just the way it is, and I wouldn’t get het up about it or feel guilty.

We’re always looking for clear-cut solutions in life, and when there really is no right or wrong answer, we can often feel lost. But the key in this situation is to follow your instincts. You can rest assured that getting up, moving around and leaving the IVF clinic will not jeopardise your chances of success. But at the same time if you simply want to relax, put your feet up and quietly get on with your life then you have no reason not to.

Having said this, there are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to your post-transfer routine, and these I do recommend:


  •         Exercise excessively – gentle movement or walking is fine
  •         Lift heavy objects
  •         Drink caffeine
  •         Have sex
  •         Have hot baths – excessive heat may damage the embryo, so stick to showers until the pregnancy test.
  •         Listen to anyone who has a bad IVF story! Try asking them if it has a positive ending before they start their tale, as there’s no point indulging in negative energy.

But DO…

  •         Get support from your partner, family and friends.
  •         Get your feel-good hormones circulating! Play uplifting music, laugh and do what makes you feel good.
  •         Think carefully about work. Many women say that work is a huge distraction for them, and so immersing yourself in it may be great to keep your mind active whilst you wait. But it all depends on your job, the travel and how supported you feel as an individual.

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