sperm balloons

Do you need to save up sperm for fertility?

Zita says…

“We now know that up to 50 per cent of all cases of infertility are associated with a male factor. That figure surprises many, because through generations we’ve been lead to believe fertility is all about women but of course this is the case, it does take two to make a baby!

Many men discount the need for getting checked out via semen analysis mainly, I believe, out of fear. But burying your head in the sand will not make the problem go away, and it’s far better to be proactive.

One question I’m asked all the time is whether you need to ‘save up’ sperm for fertility, but the idea of this is a myth as it will die after a few days. Research shows that the more fresh the sperm, the better the quality.

Some couples try to ‘save up’ sperm for the ovulation period, and then barely have any sex at all through the month. Whilst it’s true that you’re most fertile during this time, you should still try to conceive every two or three days regularly throughout the month to maximise your chances. In fact, the fresher the sperm the healthier it is! The key thing for fertility is to make sure there is a good supply of fresh, healthy sperm at the ready.”