Eating for IVF – cleansing broccoli soup

More and more couples are turning to IVF each year to help them conceive, and yet there are still many questions to be answered. “What makes IVF successful?” and “What else can we do to support our treatment?” are two of the most important queries couples can have.

Nutrition and lifestyle advice, psychological and emotional support and a positive mindset all play an important part in helping couples conceive, and can even make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful outcome.

And that’s what I’ve covered in my new book, The IVF Diet Book

This book not only advises how to prepare for IVF, but why it’s so important, and the step-by-step diet and lifestyle plan is a clear way to support your treatment.

Over the following weeks, I’m going to be presenting some of my favourite recipes from the book. First up, it’s cleansing broccoli soup.

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