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Are your emotions affecting your fertility?

One of the questions I ask all my clients is ‘Is there anything happening psychologically or emotionally for you that could actually be stopping you from getting pregnant?’ You shouldn’t have to dig too deep, most women will know if there is something lurking in the background.

There’s no question about it: Your emotional health may on some level affect your ability to conceive. Our thoughts and the way we think determined our emotional and physical state. I feel that negativity and negative thoughts can, at some level, act as a block when trying for a baby.

It is obvious to me that helping my clients deal with their emotions helps them conceive. Most Western medicine is concerned with sorting issues on a physical level, but I like to take a look at the whole picture: the grief, the anger, the frustration, the guilt and the laughter are all part of what I share every day.

In Chinese medicine, thoughts are energy, waiting to be used skilfully through our emotions. While it is appropriate to feel anger, frustration, grief etc, it is being able to manage these emotions, understand them and let them go that is important for health.

  • Try to identify the cause of negative thinking, and how long these kinds of thoughts have been with you.
  • Try to think back to where you first heard them, ie your mother, a family member, a doctor.
  • Consider whether these thoughts cause you stress.
  • Look at the people around you and how they are reacting to you.
  • Remember, that whenever you work towards supporting yourself physically, through improved diet, gentle exercise, better relaxation and improved sleep, how you feel emotionally will also improve.

At the Zita West clinic, we also recommend hypnotherapy as a tool for managing emotions. Hypnotherapy allows fears to be expressed in a safe way, and helps men and women gain a realistic assessment of their needs and desires.

Maureen Kiely, our clinical hypnotherapist, says: ‘Many of the clients I see have had their confidence shattered by their inability to conceive, or maintain a pregnancy to full term. My role is to help them build their belief in the possibility of pregnancy and giving birth. For others, there are unexplained issues which contribute to this sense of failure or disbelief in themselves. Some of these issues or blocks may be hampering fertility or conception.’

Here are some hints from Maureen to help you get started.

  • Imagine the mind has a control room marked ‘Fertility and reproduction.’ You have the key. Go into that room and see the controls for your fertility. Imagine the dial and turn the levels up and down as you wish. You can return and check to make any further adjustments as and when required.
  • If you are going through IVF, imagine a good healthy environment for your embryos. Picture a rich, vibrant red cushion with ‘Welcome’ written on it. Imagine the embryos burrowing and nestling in, warm, safe and secure. Imagine them being protected and guarded by your vigilant subconscious mind.
  • Picture yourself in a warm, tranquil , safe environment like a garden on a summer’s day, pushing a pram back and forth, singing a baby to sleep.
  • Give yourself free reign. Allow yourself to be creative, free, unselfconscious and prepared to follow your heart’s wishes.

To find out more about hypnotherapy or to book an appointment with Maureen, get in touch via the contact page or call us on 0808 196 4060.