How to deal with a poor sperm test

Sperm tests in themselves are scary territory for men. Many men I see are initially unclear about who to even consult when it comes to their fertility.  While women know to go and see a gynaecologist, men are never sure who to approach as the subject of fertility is still taboo among them.

This makes receiving bad test results from a sperm test all the more devastating. Men feel disheartened and at a loss as to how to proceed. I often see men bottling up these emotions, thinking they should be the ones to remain strong and supportive. Other times, I see men feeling like they’ve failed their partners altogether, sometimes even breaking up with them as a result of their own state of inadequacy.

But men crave physical and emotional support and reassurance too, and the comfort that they receive from their partner can greatly affect how they deal with the news. They need to know that their partner loves them no matter what, and this does not mean that they should give up! It is so important that the woman strives to provide her partner with the support that he needs.

Here are three things for men to remember if they receive poor sperm test results:

  1. Speak up 

Bottling up emotions will not only harm your mental state, but can also create a rift between you and your partner. Couples often feel that they should give up that this point; they feel like there’s no point having sex because it won’t ‘work’. I know it can seem hopeless, but even facing results like this, couples do on to conceive. Consider counselling at a fertility clinic.

  1. Investigate fully 

Bleak test results does not mean a bleak future for you and your partner. Don’t be passive and just settle with an analysis, be proactive and insist that all underlying factors are assessed. Consider lifestyle changes and also supplements – studies have shown how anti oxidants can improve sperm parameters. Check out our Vitamen boost supplementary powder.

  1. Be positive

Even if you have a low sperm count, remember it only takes one sperm to concieve. All is not lost because of a poor sperm result. IVF and ICSI treatment can help as well. In rare instances, sperm donation may be a solution too. This should not be seen as failure. Although they may not have been the first choice, avenues like sperm donation still leads couples to forming the family that they always wanted.