Photo of house in background with flowers in foreground

How to find your fertility garden – a visualisation to help you conceive

Here at the Zita West Clinic, we encourage women to visualise at every stage of their personal journey, whether they are having IVF or trying to conceive naturally. I believe the mind is extremely powerful, and visualisation can be used to help a woman see herself with a baby – from being able to see themselves pregnant to being able to visualise embryos embedding while undergoing egg harvesting or implantation in IVF.

If you’re find yourself struggling, try looking for picture you can look at on the internet or an image, colour, smell or sound that can symbolise or represent what you want to visualise.

Some women panic and think they can’t visualise properly, but  let me assure you that this is a very simple process, takes around 5 minutes to learn, gives you a real sense of calm and tranquility and also helps you to become proactive in whatever process you’re going through.

One way we help our patients visualise is with the ‘fertile garden’ exercise. This visualisation exercise may be used as a basic ‘recipe’ – all you have to add is your unique circumstances or desired results.

For example: you can picture yourself in a tranquil and safe environment, like a garden on a warm summer’s day, pushing a pram back and forth, feeling the weight of the baby in the pram or maybe singing the baby to sleep. If you are waiting after your embryos have been implanted, imagine a good, healthy environment for them where they are protected and guarded.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Find a quiet, cozy spot where you will be undisturbed
  2. Unplug all technology including your phone and television
  3. Support your back in a semi-seated position and place your hands on your lower abdomen
  4. Concentrate on your breathing – begin breathing normally, then take a deep, slow breath through your nose and exhale through your mouth  
  5. Continue breathing like this for around 5 minutes and remain focused throughout, letting any unnecessary thoughts drift away
  6. Allow the relaxation to flow down your body, starting at you head and working your way down to your feet and toes
  7. Now picture yourself in your favourite place to relax. Gently float to this place.
  8. You should feel relaxed, safe and secure – now begin to visualise.

Give your imagination free reign when visualising. Allow yourself to be creative, free, unselfconscious and prepared to follow your heart’s wishes.

Don’t give yourself a hard time over whether you’re doing it right or wrong, or whether it’s working or not. We are all unique individuals, so do what you feel is right for you. This is about giving yourself the time and space to allow your mind to get into a good place for pregnancy.