How to have a baby on your own: Part 1

At The Zita West Fertility Clinic, we see many single women on a weekly basis who are thinking of having a baby on their own. A lot of these women did not expect they would be having a baby alone as they thought they would be having a baby in a relationship.

It takes a lot of time, energy and emotion to make the decision to have a baby alone but it is one we are very used to helping women with. So today in The Fertility Show, I’m talking about the next steps and where to start for single women who have decided to do it alone……

Step 1: Consultation

In the consultation at Zita West we look at every single aspect involved in having a baby alone. It will involve checking your fertility status and ovarian reserve. In the consultation we will also be able to assess your hormones through tests and investigations. This will then allow us to work out what the best treatment plan for you is and whether to go down the route of natural treatment or IVF.

Step 2: Explore your best option for obtaining sperm

The next step is to look at the best options of sperm for you and your circumstance and how to obtain it.

Step 3: Implications Counselling

It is really important that all women have Implications Counselling to talk about all the implications that are involved in what you are doing. As there are probably things involved in the process that you had not thought about. It is important that if you are going to do this that you have a clear, open mind and know exactly what is going on.

Step 4: Prepare you: mind, body, spirit

The holistic side prepares your mind, body, spirit and looks at your nutrition, lifestyle as well as the supplements you might need to take. We also see if you are stressed and if you might need any stress reduction techniques or acupuncture when you are going through treatment.

But the most important thing we do at Zita West is offer all the women the support they need to be able to get through having a baby on their own.

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