How to have a baby on your own: what are your treatment options?


When it comes to having a baby on your own, most single women fortunately do not have fertility issues, instead they face an issue of how to get the sperm and egg together. 

The treatment options available to single women are usually based on and dictated by age and fertility status.

There are four different treatment options, which I’m talking about in today’s episode of The Fertility Show.

And as usual, you’ll find your cheatsheet below.

Treatment options cheatsheet

1:  Artificial Insemination: donor sperm is inserted into you in a clinical setting

2: Stimulated cycles: you are given injections to stimulate you and then have Artificial Insemination.

3: IVF (Assisted Fertility): your eggs and the donor sperm are fertilised in the lab.

4: Egg Freezing: if you are not quite ready to under go these treatments and are thinking more of planning ahead, then we would be looking at egg or embryo freezing.

Here at the Zita West clinic, we are able to help you plan you treatment, so that you get the best possible outcome.

I understand how difficult it can be to make these decisions and how hard it can be to find out what you need to do and the best treatments for you. But if you book a consultation we can help you every step of the way.

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