How to have a baby on your own

Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of my valuable team members, Terri, who is our lead fertility nurse and practise manager.

In today’s episode of The Fertility Show, we asked her to outline the process of having a baby on your own.

As Terri says:

There’s a huge amount to consider going down a pathway of single parenting. It’s often not where people thought they would be at this point in their lives. They had envisaged their lives being totally different, and part of the consultation is about exploring where they are in this thought process and how to best get them through.

Many people going down the route of having a baby on their own are worried about the type of sperm donors, where the sperm donors come from, what the feelings are behind the original choice. Some people will come along and they just want to know its eye colour, hair colour, just basic phenotypes and matching of characteristics. Other people want to know absolutely everything.

What matters so much is that people feel that they don’t have to worry about calling us and being afraid to ring us, pick up the phone, and discuss the little issues that are big to them.

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