I was born to be a mum – and couldn’t have done it without reproductive immunology

Today we are talking to Jemma and her husband James who after five years of trying to conceive, two years naturally and three years of investigations and IVF – fell pregnant after trying Reproductive Immunology at the clinic. Altogether they had three rounds of IVF and four embryo transfers.

Jemma says: ‘We had been to two other clinics and had IVF rounds. We were producing good quality embryos and they just weren’t taking. We came to Zita West and they suggested doing immune testing. The test results came back and said that I had high NK cells and so we were recommended to the immunology side of IVF. I really wanted to try it because my mum has immune issues, so it’s in our family and I just felt like it was my last resort really.”

Jemma recalls the day she found out she was pregnant with baby Gracie: ‘We were on our third round of IVF and we were pretty desperate but not expecting too much, then all of a sudden I got the pregnancy test and I was pregnant. I can still remember that day, it was just amazing. We just never thought it would come and it did.’

‘Being a mum is just fantastic. It’s what I always believed I was born to do and I love every single day with Gracie and I just can’t wait for the future as well.’


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