Is acupuncture the key to IVF success?

I’ve been an acupuncturist for 25 years now, and so I’ve always been a huge believer in its benefits for fertility and IVF.

I think what’s difficult for some women however is that there’s a lot of conflicting advice out there – it really is hard to know what to believe.

But I’ve got news for you straight from the annual fertility conference in Helsinki: a study has found acupuncture can in fact double the success rate of IVF.

This week The Fertility Show is all about acupuncture and IVF, and why I think it really can make a difference:

So how can acupuncture  help?

It may help with blood flow to the ovaries which means more oxygen, more nutrients and more help developing the follicles. It may also help with stress and beta-endorphin release, which means a greater sense of relaxation and wellbeing! It really can give you that bit of extra support that you need, and be that one thing that you have control over to help improve the process.

And how does acupuncture work?

It is a form of Chinese traditional medicine that involves the insertion of very fine, hair-like needles into channels called meridians. These are invisible channels of energy that relate to different organs in the body. The form of treatment is individualised – every person has a different type of treatment because we are all different! But there are very similar channels that are used in that treatment that will help with blood flow to the uterus and the ovaries, and that will help manage your stress.

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