Is IVF always a rollercoaster?

So many women considering IVF for the first time feel as though they are standing at the bottom of Everest looking up to the top.

It seems like a huge, frightening process that could take years to work and then there are all the misconceptions and scare stories that abound, such as it will turn you into a hormonal wreck, be incredibly painful and will take up all your time. It goes without saying that IVF is a big commitment, a lot to go through emotionally and stressful too, but many women embarking on it have heard only terrible things about the practical side of treatment.

With that in mind, we asked our clinic manager Anita to give us some down-to-earth thoughts on the practical side of IVF.

And to make things even more simple, we’ve put together a cheat sheet of some of the most common myths about IVF versus reality. 

IVF myths versus reality

MYTH: IVF will take up a lot of my time – I’ll need to book leave from work and tell my boss.

REALITY: You need 3-4 scans in the cycle, and each scan only lasts half an hour. 

MYTH: It’s going to send my hormones out of control.

REALITY: Depending on what medication you take, you may be a little bit more hormonal but many women are absolutely fine.

MYTH: IVF is such a painful ordeal – it’s not worth it.

REALITY: The physical pain and discomfort are a lot less than many people expect. Most of the medications you take for IVF are injections, but they are very small needles and quick to administer. During the egg collection you are under anaesthetic so you’ll feel no pain. You may feel a little bit of abdominal discomfort afterwards, but paracetamol will help. The embryo transfer is similar to having a smear. 

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