Jade’s story: ‘Zita’s books are my Bibles.’

Here at the Zita West clinic, we were thrilled this week to speak to Jade McCubbin Sullivan on Instagram (@jadeXXX888). She wanted to share her story of her struggle to conceive and how Zita’s meditations and books helped her. Jade, who used to work for EMI Music Publishing & as a Senior Digital Account Manager, got married in 2008 and fell pregnant a year later. Then she had a missed miscarriage. She takes up her story below.

Jade says: ‘After my missed miscarriage, and trying for another year for a baby I felt like everyone was pregnant or had a baby apart from me. I felt like I was letting my husband down and became quite depressed. I had two free rounds of IVF on the NHS (where everyone is treated the same), and fell pregnant but had another miscarriage.

Afterwards, I felt ashamed and really scared. My husband read an article about Zita, and discovered her supplements, and then I discovered Zita’s books.

I read them like Bibles, really taking on board everything Zita said about managing emotions and meditation. In 2011 I went into Zita’s clinic for acupuncture: I was determined to achieve a mind-body-soul connection.

Before my third round of IVF (whick place at a different clinic as Zita didn’t offer IVF at the time), I took up Yoga to get my mind perfectly balanced. Meanwhile, my clinic discovered I have high Natural Killer Cells (NKCells) and I was treated with several rounds of IVIG for all of my pregnancies.

The 2 week wait period after my embryo transfer was torturous, but I made sure I to listened to Zita CDs as her voice relaxed me, and she taught me how to imagine rainbows surrounding the embryo. And I had further acupuncture too.

Then came the news that I had not only got one baby, but got another free! On the 19th February 2012, I finally had my twins, Benjamin and Eva Rose. And 3 years later, in 2015, by then having had another natural pregnancy which had ended in an ectopic pregnancy in 2015 and the removal of my right fallopian tube, I had my third child naturally, Mae

Zita West’s book is my fertility bible. I’m now on the committee and Facebook Coordinator for Wandsworth Twins Club and I have coached a lot of my friends who were are having similar trouble getting pregnant. I want Zita’s messages about fertility to be more widely recognised and appreciated by the wider community. She taught me that even if you’re in a really low place, you can will yourself out of it.’

Jade is now writing a book based on her #Twinmamadiaries +1 all about her life. Since Jade came to us, we have now opened our own IVF clinic and Dr George Nduwke, a global leader in IVF, is our medical director.

We have a success rate for IVF of up to 60 per cent and the reason we do so well is that all our patients are offered complete and holistic therapies while undergoing IVF and just as Jade describe, we focus on mindset and whole body as well as the medical side of the treatment.

Find out more about our IVF treatment here.

And if you’re interested in the audio downloads and guided relaxations and visualisations that Jade talks about, you can find them in the shop.

(Thank you to www.Annwo.co.uk for Jade’s photo)