This week, Zita and leading parenting website have teamed up to launch the first product in our new and exciting range of supplements for children.  You’ll find the full low-down in this interview with My Baba’s founder Leo Bamford and Zita.

You’re launching a new range of vitamins and probiotics for children this week, tell us a bit about why you decided to collaborate on this project?

Zita: We’ve known each other for seven years, and I’ve been a resident expert for My Baba answering questions on fertility and pregnancy for some time now. With both our businesses being in the same industry, we’ve talked many times about ways of collaborating. I have a range of supplements for fertility and pregnancy and I’ve always been interested in the baby and toddler market, so to me it felt like a natural progression. Many women who have had babies ask my advice as to what to give their children by way of supplements, and running popular parenting website My Baba, Leo is often asked similar questions, so together we decided to launch a multibiotic vitamin and mineral powder.

What ages is the multivitamin and probiotic powder aimed at?

The multivitamin and probiotic powder aimed at children aged 12 months to four years. This age group has been identified as the most in need of a nutritional boost.

Tell us a bit about the ingredients of the products, and how they will they benefit babies and children?

Children need a sound nutritional basis upon which to grow and develop, so it’s important to ensure that they eat a balanced diet. However, with busy schedules, and fast or processed foods, children may not meet all of their recommended daily value of nutrients each day. A daily multi-vitamin and mineral nutrient can help provide the nutrition they need to support their health and development.

Leo: The key ingredients of our first product are vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin B and zinc. It’s known that many children are deficient in certain nutrients, in particular vitamin D.

Bess enjoying berry flavourEven though we can absorb vitamin D from the sun, a significant amount of the population is still considered to be deficient in vitamin D. This is often the case with children who may spend considerable time indoors. Evidence suggests vitamin D has a significant role in the regulation of the human immune system, and having optimal levels may reduce the risk of certain bacterial and viral infections.

It also contains probiotics as we wanted to do a combination to give children’s immune systems a boost and help with development.

Correcting zinc insufficiency through supplementation has also been shown to bolster aspects of the immune system involved in fighting viral infections

Zita: Friendly bacteria naturally occur in the gut acting as a protection and are key to a healthy immune system. They protect our digestive systems, shield us from infections and viruses and keep us well. When gut bacteria balance becomes disrupted in children it changes their ability to fend off infection, and leaves them prone to colds and gastrointestinal bugs. Gut health is a foundation for a healthy child, and the key to a healthy immune system. There are a number of factors that contribute to an imbalance of gut bacteria: The excessive use of antibiotics, poor diet, lots of additives and sugar.

How have you made your vitamins appeal to children – from the characters you’ve used, to the taste and smell?

Milo and Bess flyingLeo: The characters Milo and Bess are an important part of the product; we wanted children to be able to relate to them. We had a lot of fun developing the story around the product. Milo and Bess are the exact little caricatures of my children, and the guru may just be our very own Zita West!

The whimsical characters are little woodland folk, living in the forest. Milo and Bess are definitely examples of children getting back to basics, playing in the mud and foraging in the forest. The idea is that Milo and Bess and the other supporting characters will eventually come into their own, featuring in future products within the range.

Any supplement is only as good as a child’s willingness to take it. Parents know that children can be finicky about the taste, so that’s why ours comes in the form of a delicious berry flavoured powder, which can be added to drinks or sprinkled on top of cereal or yoghurt for a nutritious start to the day.

Where can our readers buy the products?

The multivitamin and multi-biotic retails at £29.95 for a three-month supply and is available to purchase online from the Zita West Shop or at by calling 0800 0480 046.

Additions to the range will include supplements for children aimed at supporting key stages of development from birth onwards.