Male infertility and Tim’s incredible story

Today, my blog post is a little different. There’s no cheat sheat or step by step guide on offer.

You see, while we were out on the streets of central London filming for The Fertility Show for my Youtube channel, we meet a lovely guy called Tim, who it turned out had an incredible story of discovering and coming to terms with his own fertility problems, and then making lifestyle changes to improve the quality of his sperm. At the time of filming, his wife was weeks away from having their first baby.

I’d urge you to watch Tim’s interview and share it with your husbands, brothers, male friends or anyone you know whose lifestyle might be affecting their fertility.

When it came to the changes Tim made, in his own words, Tim said

I stopped smoking, as a start. I started going out less. I stopped cycling as much as I was, because that was my fitness thing, and I think actually rather than just going 95 miles an hour without thinking all the time, it was just subconsciously making some different choices as to what I was doing with my spare time.

So enjoy his video and I’ll be back with more advice on fertility, IVF and conception next week

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