The Zita West Clinic IVF Doctors

The incredible IVF doctors at the Zita West Clinic all bring different experience and expertise, meaning that no matter what you need, we can ensure you have individualised, tailored care just for you. This, alongside our holistic approach ensures our clients feel comfortable and well looked after throughout the experience.

Dr Simone Rofena

Couples love Dr Simone Rofena at the clinic. He is incredibly kind and caring and has a great sense of humour. Alongside George he specialises in immune and implantation failure, but also sees a lot of women who want to try other treatments before they embark on IVF. He also specialises in PCOS as well as male fertility and is a great believer in the holistic approach which is what drew him to join our team when we launched the IVF side of the business.

To book an appointment with Dr Rofena call 0808 196 4060 .

Dr George Ndukwe

This is Dr George, our Medical Director at the Zita West Clinic, who has helped thousands of couples have babies over his career. He specialises in implantation failure and why IVF fails, which is one of the reasons we have such successful results at the clinic.

It’s always been our goal to offer something different and to look outside of the box when it comes to IVF. We have an individualised approach and the focus is on preparation and really being able to look after our clients. So we can give great care, we include nutrition and lifestyle as part of our unique offer and our results speak for themselves!

If you’d like to book an appointment with Dr George, please call the clinic on 0808 196 4060