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So many couples see getting pregnant as a challenge. But they focus so much on getting to the finish line, they forget to enjoy the journey! Of course, getting pregnant requires time, effort commitment. And more often than not, there will be obstacles along the way. But you’d be surprised how a few simple adjustments to your mindset and lifestyle could make it just that little bit easier.

Take a look at my video, as I share the 10 key points that I tell all couples trying to get pregnant naturally: 

My 10-Point Pregnancy Plan!

And to make things even easier, here is our cheat sheet to easier natural pregnancy. 

  • Manage Your Expectations: Don’t panic if you’ve been trying for a while and it still hasn’t happened yet! It can around 8-12 months to get pregnant, so relax and be realistic.
  • Don’t Wait: If you’ve been on the pill and then you come off it, don’t wait for it to leave the system. Try straight away.
  • Understand Your Cycle: The danger with being on the pill for a long time is that you stop knowing what your natural cycle is. Take time to understand it and be aware of it.
  • Try All the Time: Plan to have sex at least three times a week. And when you do, focus on the sperm, not the egg. The egg only lasts 12-24 hours, but the sperm lasts 3-5 days.
  • Think About the Medical Side: Check for rubella, have a spear, have an sexual health check – make sure your body is medically in the shape it can be.
  • Don’t Put Pressure On Each Other: This is one of the most common things I see happening and stopping couples from getting pregnant. Just relax and support one another.
  • Enjoy Yourself: Trying for a baby should be fun, not an ordeal! Decide that you’re going to enjoy it right from the beginning and keep on enjoying it all the way through.
  • Cut It Out: Cut out all alcohol, cigarettes and recreational drugs from your lifestyle.
  • Keep Your Diet In Check: Your diet is the cornerstone to your fertility. Take a look at your lifestyle in terms of your diet and see if there are any little changes you can make to improve it.
  • Look At Your Work/Life Balance: I see so many couples who are constantly too exhausted to have a baby. When you’re trying to get pregnant, try and get the balance right so you don’t sacrifice yourself or your chances at conception.

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