My fertility problems weren’t taken seriously because I was so young – until I found The Zita West Clinic

We recently celebrated our 5 year and 500 babies milestone at the Zita West Clinic, and to celebrate we decided to sit down with some of our clients, and ask them to share their story and experience of IVF and how it has changed their lives.

First up, it’s Kate, her husband Bill, and their baby Hughie.

Kate was in her 20s when she came to us, and had been trying for a baby unsuccessfully for 5 years. 

The biggest struggle for Kate, who started trying to conceive at the age of 21, was that she felt she wasn’t taken seriously by anyone, due to being so young.

Kate says: ‘By the time we came to Zita West, we had been through all of the different fertility tests you can have. We’d been to the GP, had scans, dye tests and even Clomid. We’d found out I had mild endometriosis, but there was never a clear reason as to why we weren’t getting pregnant. Everyone just kept saying ‘oh you’re young, you’ll get pregnant’ but I didn’t. We made every positive lifestyle change we could think of and it still didn’t happen.’

Kate recalls: ‘When we went to the Zita West clinic, I was only 26, until that point, we hadn’t really been taken seriously by anyone and that was one of the toughest things. I was actually worried about asking about IVF for that reason. I had a stigma in my head I’d be told I was worrying about nothing because of my age. But for the first time, I felt heard and it was recognised that there was a genuine issue and that something needed to be done.’

In January 2016, Kate and her husband started IVF at the Zita West Clinic and by mid-February they had a positive pregnancy test.

Kate says: ‘We still can’t really believe he’s here. Every day we kind of still say to each other, “Is he real life? This is just amazing.” He just keeps us constantly entertained and we feel like the luckiest people ever.’

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