Oxytocin – the hormone of love, lust and labour.

Oxytocin has a significant role in pregnancy and breastfeeding, but is equally important to reduce stress in women and men, which during times of difficulty getting pregnant or going through IVF can be crucial to success. It is also known as the love hormone and it has been proven to increase when a woman is caring and befriends people.

So many women are understandably on an emotional roller coaster when it comes to fertility. They shut down and become disconnected on many levels – socially and emotionally – to protect themselves.Socialising and creating bonds and trust are so important even during these difficult times to increase oxytocin levels, but it is also stimulated when a woman nurtures herself. It can be very hard to encourage women to nurture themselves however as they are often doing everything for others all the time. I often see that women are hard on themselves, especially when going through IVF or struggling to get pregnant. They berate themselves and stop doing the things they love and enjoy which doesn’t help with oxytocin level, so try to take time for yourself as often as you can and don’t be so hard on yourself.