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Quiz! Is your sex life affecting conception?

Quite a few of our followers, clients and website visitors have mentioned that they enjoyed the quiz we did a few weeks ago. So for today’s episode of The Fertility Show, we’ve decided to do another and this one is about your sex life and conception.

It’s for you and your partner to do together. I want you both to get some paper and a pencil, sit down, and watch the video or answer the questions below. Count up how many yeses you get!

For those who would prefer to do the quiz without watching the video, all the questions and answers are below.

  1. Has your sex life suffered since you started trying for a baby?
  2. Is your sex life less adventurous and fun now that you’re trying for a baby?
  3. Do you plan sex rather than let it happen spontaneously?
  4. Are you regularly too tired to have sex?
  5. Does it seem like kissing and cuddling always has to lead to sex?
  6. Do you tend to limit sex to the time when you and your partner are most fertile?
  7. Do you have sex less than twice a week or even less frequently?
  8. Do you find it harder to get aroused since you started trying for a baby?
  9. Is your relationship suffering since you started trying for a baby?
  10. Do you regularly avoid sex out of frustration, resentment or anger?
  11. Do you find it difficult to talk to your partner about your feelings regarding sex now that you’re planning a family?
  12. Women only, do you provide your man with lots of details about your menstrual cycle?
  13. Has the passion gone out of your love life?
  14. Women only, do you expect your man to perform at the drop of a hat?
  15. For men, do you feel resentful around the fact that your sex life has changed since you’re trying for a baby?

And now for the answers!

If you scored 0 to 3, generally you have a healthy sex life. Although you’re trying for a baby, you’re still getting a lot of enjoyment out of sex.

If you’ve scored 4 to 7, you will have a few issues with your sex life, such as the frequency of sex might be quite easy to fix. Others such as arousal and expectation on demand, you’ll have to work on together

If you’ve scored 8 to 13, there probably are a lot of issues that you will need to address about your sex life and your relationship and they way you communicate to one another.

What to do next?

I sit with couples every day who are trying for baby and no answer to that quiz will surprise me. What I see more and more is that when you do start trying for a baby, it doesn’t take long for your sex life to become mechanical, the pressure to go on and your relationship to suffer.  

It’s really important that you sit together, you communicate and you work out how you can get some more passion, fun into your sex life, and into your lives generally.

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