Sarah’s story: we wouldn’t have baby Harry if it wasn’t for the Zita West clinic

Seeing as reproductive immunology treatment has been under the media spotlight recently (if you haven’t read last week’s article in the Guardian, we would love you to now), we decided to sit down with some of our clients and ask them to share their story and experience.

First up, it’s Sarah, her husband Matt, and their baby Harry. Like many of our patients, they had had 3 failed cycles of IVF on the NHS before coming here and experiencing our holistic approach and treatments such as Reproductive Immunology.

The couple started trying for a baby when Sarah was 26, and Sarah says: ‘In my 30s, I was told to give up and go for a donor egg, which is pretty hard. We looked into adoption, but emotionally I wasn’t ready for that. I didn’t want to give up. That’s when we had a visit to the Zita West clinic. 

We had Dr. George, who we met initially. He was really passionate about what he does, and about the new treatments that he does. Every cycle we tried, he really went into what we could try differently the next time. He was spot on with the third one, obviously, because Harry’s here.’

I’d recommended the Zita West clinic to anybody, especially anyone with issues, I’ve always said, “Come to the Clinic, get the help you need. It’s brilliant.’

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