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Sex and fertility: Your embarrassing sex questions answered

Let’s talk about sex

In my clinic every day I get asked a lot of questions about sex, and very often couples are very embarrassed to ask about sex. At the clinic, we encourage openness and talking about sex. When you’re trying to conceive, sex is obviously key, but it tends to become more stressful than enjoyable, and so being in the know can definitely help take some of that pressure off.

Take a look at my video, as I answer some of the most common questions I get asked by couples about sex: 

Got an embarrassing question? Ask away!

And to make things even easier, here is our cheat sheet, answering the questions you may have been too embarrassed to ask!

Q: Is there a different sex position that will help us get pregnant more quickly?

A: As long as there’s passion and intimacy between you and your partner, and position is fine. But what I do encourage is trying to have sex in the morning. Testosterone is the hormone of desire, and men have more in the morning than in the evening. So focus more on making room for that time, rather than on position

Q: Are there any lubricants that we can use that aid sperm?

A: It is generally best not to use lubricants at all, but there are some on the market that won’t do anything to harm your chances.

Q: Do you have to orgasm to get pregnant?

A: No – although it’s good, it’s not necessary. Once the man has ejaculated, the sperm will be able to fertilise the egg.

Q: Can oral sex improve my chances of conception?

A: It’s best not to have oral sex around the times of ovulation. Saliva is a digestive enzyme that can eat the sperm up, so try and hold off if possible.

Q: How often should we have sex to improve our chances of conceiving?

A: At least 3 times a week, if not more!


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