Should you take supplements for pregnancy and fertility?

This week I want to share a little of my personal experience with you about what led me to start my own pregnancy supplement range.

My real interest in nutrition started after the birth of my son nearly 30 years ago. At that time there was very little information out there for me. There was no internet  so I had to do a lot of reading as to why I was feeling like I was, why was I feeling so low and why couldn’t I get myself out of it?

I started to read about diet and nutrition and was amazed to discover how certain nutrients could help with mood. That’s when I became interested in starting my own range of products.

I now have a range of supplements for fertility and I also have a range for pregnancy & beyond. Everything in my  range is geared towards getting key nutrients at key times for fertility and also for pregnancy and the developing baby.

I’m often asked do you need supplements if you eat a balanced diet?

Here’s my answer: Yes.

In an ideal world if everybody had a balanced diet it would be wonderful and we might not need supplements, but we all know that’s not the case. 30% of women don’t eat five portions of fruit and vegetable a day and the way that we lead our lives in the 21st century doesn’t help. When you’re very stressed, eating processed food, drinking alcohol, etc. you’re depleting your body of vital nutrients that are needed for fertility and also for pregnancy.

That’s what I’m talking about in this week’s episode of The Fertility Show…

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