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6 top tips to boost sperm health

In my last blog post I focused on 10 ways women can improve the quality of their eggs.  In this post I turn my attention to the men.

Over the past few years, we have seen more and more men with sperm issues. It’s a known fact that around 50% of fertility is down to male factors and yet still we focus so much on the woman. The male partner has an equally crucial role to play at conception in providing the healthiest sperm he can for the future health of the child.

Here are my top six tips to boost sperm health:

1. Sex, sex and more sex! There are so many myths around sex when trying for a baby, and the most common questions we’re asked are about how often to have it and whether it’s better to save the sperm up. Firstly, you should be having sex as much as possible, at least three times a week. The idea of saving sperm is a myth as it will die after a few days. Research shows that the more fresh sperm there is, the better the quality.

2. Passion – Testosterone is the hormone of desire. Sex can become an issue between partners when they’re trying for a baby or if they’ve done endless rounds of IVF, and it’s easy to see why sex becomes mechanical. Focusing on getting a good sex life back is key to sperm health. Arousal is important as it affects the amount of sperm you will produce and you’re not helping yourself by having mechanical, passionless sex.

3. Pressure – Take the pressure off one another when it comes to wanting a baby. Pressure causes performance anxieties in men. A man doesn’t need to know everything that’s going on in a woman’s body to be ready for sex. He doesn’t need to know when she’s ovulating and he doesn’t need the pressure to perform.

4. Relationship – So often we see that the relationship is tense due to trying for a baby, which makes it harder to have sex. Sex can become a subconscious currency between couples. Trying for a baby and going through IVF challenges any relationship and that is why, as part of our holistic approach to fertility, we offer fertility counselling to help couples better understand themselves and each other and support each other through the pressures and challenges of trying for and having a baby.

5. Lifestyle – Make sure you get a sexual health screen. It’s well-documented that alcohol, cigarettes and recreational drugs affect sperm health and increase free radical damage, which affects the DNA of the sperm. Being overweight or underweight can also affect fertility, so it would really help to take a good look at your exercise regime and your diet.

6. Nutrition – Recent research has found that men need to focus on their diet just as much as women when it comes to creating a healthy baby.  Nutrients such as Vitamin B9 (folate), carnitine, Omega 3 and Vitamin D can all help in creating and maintaining healthy sperm. Look out for my next blog post that will talk about Sperm building foods.

If you are trying for a baby and would like any advice or guidance on increasing your chances of having a baby naturally then contact our clinic for a confidential and highly personalised consultation and a detailed action plan.

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