Sex Questions Answered

Sex and fertility: Your embarrassing sex questions answered

Let’s talk about sex

In my clinic every day I get asked a lot of questions about sex, and very often couples are very embarrassed to ask about sex. At the clinic, we encourage openness and talking about sex. When you’re trying to conceive, sex is obviously key, but it tends to become more stressful than enjoyable, and so being in the know can definitely help take some of that pressure off. Read more

Fertility Clock

Can you really ‘count’ your eggs?

You may have read in the press a lot recently about ‘egg counting’. This is misleading because you cannot actually ‘count’ the number of eggs you have left. However, what you can do is use a test that assesses what your egg reserves are likely to be. Read more

Egg Freezing

My Simple Guide to Egg Freezing
– Going Behind the Headlines

There was plenty of debate in the media recently when it emerged that tech giants such as Apple and Egg are offering egg freezing as a ‘benefit’ for their female employees, and we’re seeing increasing numbers of women asking us here about the options.

I’m on the front line of fertility and the questions I’m asked here are not been motivated by the wish to delay fertility, but instead by a desire to feel that there will still be more options open further down the line.  Read more

Getting your body baby ready

Lifestyle and fertility – 6 lifestyle factors that could affect your fertility

Planning to get pregnant can take more than just planning to have sex more often. To really get you and your partner’s body baby ready, you need to look at your lifestyle.

Yes, both you and your partner are equally important here. An equal number of fertility issues stem from male lifestyle factors as from female lifestyle factors so all the points below apply to both of you. Read more

Difficult Christmas

Coping with the challenges Christmas brings

Christmas can be a challenging time of year for those who find themselves desperately wanting children but are spending Christmas without one. For many couples I have seen over the last few weeks, they dread this time of year and even dealing with family and friends can be tough particularly if they have children around. Read more

Menstrual Cycle

Eat for your monthly cycle

We often hear the word ‘regular’ with reference to a woman’s ideal cycle. Medically speaking regular is any cycle that varies in length by no more than seven days month to month. If the cycle fluctuates more than this then it is said to be irregular. Read more