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Tamara’s story: I was given a 1 per cent chance of conception

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been telling the stories of some of the women who have had Reproductive Immunology at the clinic.

Today, we’re talking to Tamara, who was told she had only a 1 per cent chance of conceiving naturally.

One thing you never think of fertility treatment of being is enjoyable. But Tamara, who had a two hour train journey for her IVF and Reproductive Immunology treatment, says it was.

She recalls: ‘I know it was fertility treatment but it was a nice day out.’

Tamara didn’t start trying for a baby until she was 37, and ended up being referred for IVF at the age of 39. After 3 failed cycles, she was given a 1 per cent chance of success.

She recalls: ‘I didn’t want to give up, so I thought I’ll research London, to come down to London. After my first cycle here, I fell pregnant but had a miscarriage. The second cycle was baby Harry. I was happy to have Reproductive Immunology as well. I just wanted to do everything possible to try and have a baby. He’s everything I could have wished and hoped for and worth everything.’

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