Tanja’s story: I wanted a clinic that would try something different

One of the worst things about repeated miscarriage, says Tanja, is other people’s reactions.

She recalls: ‘I was just getting stressed about not getting pregnant basically, and also then recovering from every miscarriage. You start having people telling you all these stories of people who tried six times and still got pregnant, or get pregnant against all odds. And you think ‘Well, that’s not actually very helpful because that’s them and this is me. And what if it never actually happens for me?’

In total, Tanja had three rounds of IVF, two which ended up in miscarriage, one that didn’t work, one natural pregnancy which also ended in miscarriage. She had her fourth round of IVF with us, which resulted in little Elke.

Tanya says: ‘I’d been having treatment with a couple of places, and things were getting pretty despairing. Each time I fell pregnant I’d lose the baby.’

‘I just wanted to find a clinic that did things differently. I asked my other clinic about Reproductive Immunology and they said they didn’t offer it and would just do the same treatment again. I didn’t want to do the same thing over again. I wanted something different. I want someone to try something different and that is what the team at the Zita West clinic did.’

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