The £70k miracle IVF baby

Every baby is a miracle but our lovely client Teresa Greenhalgh has a story that I will always remember and wanted to share with you on The Fertility Show today.

I’ll let Teresa do all the talking, but just to summarise: Teresa came to us at 44 having already had numerous attempts at IVF at other clinics and having been told nearly 10 years earlier she would NEVER have a child on her own. Thanks to the treatment she had with us, she’s now proud mummy to baby Adelaide.

As Teresa says herself:

During the ten years I was trying to conceive, it was hard. Emotionally, it’s really, really hard. My sisters were falling pregnant. My brother, they had a family. My nephew were having babies. I kind of became that person that people were scared to talk about babies to.

At forty four we decided we was going to give it another go. We threw everything we could at it because we knew I was forty four. This was going to be my last chance, really. We had one embryo that was perfect that we could use, and that was Adelaide.

I’m glad that I never gave up after the second time. I’m glad that we carried on and that I was able to carry her, to give birth to her naturally, to breastfeed her. It’s everything that I always wanted to experience with being a mum. She’s worth every step of the way and every penny. I never thought I’d have someone call me mummy, I love everything about it.

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