The power of collective wisdom

Over the years, I’ve helped so many women that I often wonder if there is any way I could bottle up all the wisdom we have all learned and present it back to new patients to help them on their own conception journeys.

This week, in The Fertility Show, I got a little bit closer to that dream when I asked four ladies who between them have over 30 years experience in trying to conceive to tell me the ONE THING they wished they had known or done differently in their fertility journey. I expected a huge variety of answers.

In fact, they all said very similar, poignant messages. You can hear that here:

And to give you a quick flavour, their words include

  • I think I would have started trying for a baby slightly earlier and I would have looked after my body a little more.
  • I think my biggest mistake was not seeking help sooner and not believing that there could be a solution for the difficulties that we’re having.
  • I wish now I hadn’t waited that long to seek the more expert advice of what we needed

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