The supplements that can boost sperm health

In today’s episode of The Fertility Show, I’m talking about male factor fertility and supplements.

Increasingly men are having more issues around fertility and there is so much that a man can do to improve sperm health through diet and supplements. Because men produce sperm 24/7, the changes you make now can help in the near future.

We have a range of four products to help men.


This is multivitamin and mineral which contains folate and is a good all-      rounder for male fertility and sperm health.

Vital DHA

Vital DHA is an omega- 3, which s important for the cell membranes of every cell including the sperm cells.

Vitamen Boost

Increasingly free radical damage is done to the sperm as a result of lifestyle, alcohol and cigarettes. There is a lot you can do to help through diet, and a supplement like Vitamen Boost which is rich in antioxidants

Vitamen Boost 2

This supplement is used when there sperm really is suboptimal sperm. It contains vital nutrients such as Coenzyme Q10, which gives sperm energy and also contains arginine and lycopene which are needed to boost sperm health.

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