The truth about alcohol and conception

Everyone loves to have a glass of wine in the evenings to unwind, and that’s ok! After a long, hard day of work, it might be exactly what you need to de-stress. So understandably, a question we get asked a lot is, ‘do I have to give up drinking when I’m trying to conceive?’ The fact of the matter is that research shows us that on average, the more alcohol you drink, the longer it will take you to get pregnant and the less likely you are to be successful.

On the channel this week, Zita shares her thoughts on alcohol and its impact on fertility:

And here’s all the key information that you need to know, straight from Zita

There are a number of reasons why alcohol can have a negative impact on your fertility.


  • It can deplete key nutrients like B vitamins and zinc which are really important for fertility.
  • It can overburden your liver. When you drink alcohol, it’s up to your liver to detoxify it all. As your liver also plays all sorts of other roles in your body’s metabolism, it needs to be functioning as well as possible!
  • It destabilises your blood sugar. As stable blood sugar is integral for good egg quality, and sperm quality too, it is essential for it to remain in balance.

The problem comes down to the fact that in today’s society, most people don’t realise how much alcohol they’re even having! Wines and beers are a lot stronger than they used to be and the glasses are bigger. For example, you may have 2 big glasses of wine a night – one when you get home and one with dinner. That’s 3 units. If you do that across the week, that makes 40 units of alcohol in total which is almost 3 times the recommended maximum!

Of course, cutting out alcohol during pregnancy is the best course of action. But to help ease them in, I advise our clients to do things like have a small glass rather than a large one, or check the alcohol content in the bottles that you choose and opt for those with a lower content. This way, you can slowly start to reduce your intake.

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