As we celebrate ten years of the Zita West Clinic, we want to reflect on the last decade. We understood how isolating the journey to conception could be from the beginning and wanted to create a calming haven with a holistic approach at the forefront of everything we did.

“10 years ago, we were the first clinic in London to open an IVF clinic that integrated a holistic approach alongside the science and art of IVF. Our clients really like this approach and find the townhouse a welcoming and relaxed space to be in.

All of our practitioners work under one roof, and being able to offer acupuncture, nutrition, hypnotherapy and counselling is key to the Zita West Clinic experience” – Zita West

Our belief has always been that fertility treatment is not one size fits all; by creating individual plans for each client, we can meet their personal needs. So far, the Zita West Clinic has had almost 2,000 births, and we couldn’t be happier to have helped assist in helping our clients start or grow their families.

Client Stories

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we asked our former clients to share their stories, and it has been such a joy hearing from all of you.

Clients are at the heart of everything we do. Every story is different, and we are always delighted to be a part of your story.

Vickie’s Story

“After being diagnosed in my early thirties with “unexplained subfertility”, I had IUIs, a full IVF cycle at 36 and then a FET at 37 that gave us our daughter.
We had two embryos frozen and went back to our original clinic for a sibling round. I suspected my body had changed after having my daughter. Having been told I’d never get pregnant, I got pregnant twice and miscarried after I was forty. My clinic wouldn’t listen or test me and put me on the same protocol resulting in a severe allergic reaction to the drugs and a chemical pregnancy. We came to the Zita West clinic and met with Dr George. He immediately said he understood; he read all my notes (the first doctor who had) and saw straight away I needed testing for autoimmune issues and said, “you need help staying pregnant, not getting pregnant”. It blew our minds.
New protocol and new diet and help managing my anxiety with my pregnancy after loss, and now E is nearly 2. We are beyond grateful. Now, if only he would sleep!”

The Rose Family’s Story

“On 3rd May 2017, we got up at 5.15 am and, nervously, took the train to London for our first meeting with Dr George Ndukwe at the Zita West Clinic. During this first meeting with him, he looked us in the eyes and said these words… ‘Give me a year, and you will have your baby’. I will never forget that moment.

We had only recently had our first failed IVF round, and I found it hard to believe what he was saying.

We had been trying to start a family for nearly 3 years and had already been through the heartache of 3 miscarriages along the way. In March 2017, our daughter Sienna was born. Without IVF at the Zita West Clinic and the support from the whole team, we would never have become a family. We truly owe everything to them.

George believed in us and stood by us every step of the way, along with every nurse and member of staff there. I’ve never felt more alone and frightened in my life, even with my brilliant husband by my side, but with the support of all at the clinic, our dream came true.

IVF is a terrifying, painful, mentally and physically exhausting, heart-breaking, incredible, exhilarating and mind-blowing journey all rolled into one, and the scariest part is that there is no guarantee.

We will never forget the journey we went on to become parents and how truly lucky we are. 9 months after Sienna was born, we phoned the clinic again to discuss a frozen embryo transfer as we were keen to see if we could have a sibling for Sienna. Little did we know that I had already fallen pregnant naturally. It was the biggest surprise but, at the same time, we were very anxious due to our previous miscarriages.

I phoned the clinic, and they, once again, supported us every step of the way. I had intralipids and various other medications to support the pregnancy, and, in October 2019, our daughter Isla was born. We have one IVF miracle and one natural miracle who we are lucky enough to call our daughters. Since the girls came along, we have sadly lost another pregnancy, and it has highlighted to us again just how lucky we are to have them. We thank our lucky stars every day and everyone who helped up on our journey to meet them. Happy 10th anniversary to all at the Zita West Clinic. You’ll always be part of our story and we will never forget everything you did to support us!” – The Rose Family.

Thank You 

Over the past ten years, we have created our own family at the Zita West Clinic. They work hard to ensure our clients have the right treatment plan, nutritional information, counselling and holistic treatments for their needs. It has been an emotional month for the team, reflecting on the past decade. The Zita West Clinic has made thousands of dreams come true, and we look forward to that continuing in the years to come.

We thank all of our clients past, present and future for being a part of the Zita West Clinic journey.

The Zita West Clinic x