Under The Microscope: How We Choose An Embryo For IVF

This week is the last episode of The Fertility Show in our ‘Under The Microscope’ series.

Over the last few weeks we’ve shown you a real life ICSI procedure, we’ve seen how embryos are developed and monitored using time lapse technology and we’ve told you about the 3 most important factors that we believe make IVF successful at The Zita West Clinic.

In this week’s The Fertility Show,  I’m once again in our lab at Care London where we do our procedures and embryology with Rob Smith as he talks us through how our embryologists choose the correct embryo to implant using time lapse technology.

Watch Rob talk me through how he and our other Embryologists choose an embryo for implantation…

We always want to give our patients the highest chance of pregnancy whenever they come to our clinic and we believe using timelapse technology, we can help give our patients the highest possible success. It is thanks to this technology that our embryologists including Rob are able to run an algorithm test, which will tell them which embryo has developed correctly and is in line with a perfect model of the one has the best chances of making a baby.

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