Victoria’s story: The NHS should offer Reproductive Immunology to women like me

We were so pleased to have Victoria, her husband Lee with their baby Phoebe come back to visit us here at Zita West Clinic.

They sat down to tell us all about their treatment with the Zita West clinic, and also the emotional rollercoaster they’ve been through with 5 rounds of IVF and repeated miscarriage, which caused Victoria to become very low and have to leave her job.

And can we firstly say, just look at little Phoebe’s face when her mum starts crying.

Victoria says: ‘In these three years, we were trying and not successful, so we went to our GPs, spoke to them and they referred us to an NHS specialist for fertility. We went to an NHS local clinic, where we had four cycles, two fresh and two frozen. In that we had two miscarriages and one miscarriage with twins and one was unsuccessful. It was very emotional.’

The couple found their way to the Zita West clinic after reading an article about us in the Daily Mail, and met our medical director Dr George Nduwke.

Victoria fell pregnant with Phoebe on their first cycle with us, and they still have five frozen embryos.

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